How to integrate Webex Meeting into Wisembly

Important: All participants must be on a computer and on the browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Create a Webex Meeting conference

  1. Open your Webex meeting desktop application
  2. Create your meeting
  3. Choose the elements to be broadcast (video, screen sharing,...)

Integrate the video stream into your wiz

  1. In the application, copy the meeting url


  1. Go to your wiz
  2. In Configure your wiz > Modules > Remote Meeting
  3. Choose the "Webex Meeting" provider
  4. Insert the copied link in the "URL" part
  5. Save


In the Run your wiz section, click on the stream bottom tab to activate the module for participants



WARNING: Specific configuration for the animator / administrator

The person who manages Wisembly and Webex should use it differently from the participant in order to cut off interference due to simultaneous use. 

1- The administrator will have to "hide the integration" on his Wisembly platform.



2- Use the Webex solution to follow the video and go to Wisembly for interaction

The video and audio will not be displayed on the administrator interface but on the participants' interface.

Feel free to do the test beforehand by opening a private navigation page or by trying it on another electronic device.  

Participant side


1. He connects to and enters the keyword of your platform OR send directly the URL link to the participant

2. The video is automatically displayed:

- In the area at the left of the stream (by default)

- In a window at the bottom right if a document is being broadcast

3. With the window mode, the participant can choose the location on the application (right, left, in a panel)

4. The participant can mute/unmute his video and audio