The Homepage of the Wiz

The Homepage will help you to configure and set up your platform. There is two sections in it.


1) The Menu of the Homepage

The Menu at the left contains all the access to the settings and features (as shown below). 




The Menu is composed in several parts : 

  • The Content : Add your documents, votes, surveys, configure your tags and check your archives
  • The Modules : Configure the modules you want to use in your wiz : Messages, agreement, remote meeting, brainstorming
  • The Statistics : Check here to check the statistics and reports, and export the data of your wiz.
  • The Settings : Set up your wiz concerning the Security, the participation Modes and the Appearance. 

It is possible to see directly on the Menu the number of documents, votes, surveys, tags and archives created on your wiz (1), and the activation status of your Modules (2).


2) The body of the Homepage


The body of the Homepage contains also some tricks and shortcuts for the use of the solution.

1 - Find the name of your wiz, the keyword and a direct link

2 - Check the information concerning the opening dates of the wiz

3 - Find the opening dates

4 - You can stop your wiz by clicking on this button.

This documentation will be expanded over the next few days until the final version of the Hompage.

Stay stuned !