Organize a Wisembly webinar ( via Zoom )

Important: All participants must be on a computer and on the Google Chrome browser.

Configure your Webinar ( Zoom & Wisembly )

1- Configure your Webinar on the Zoom solution (only accessible to certain Zoom licenses) and remember to register at the bottom of the page.


2- Open the Zoom application and click on the start button of your webinar.


3- Retrieve the link of the webinar.


4- Paste this link into the Wisembly platform in Configure > Modules > Remote Meetings.

Select the Zoom video conferencing service and paste the link.



Animate your webinar

1- Go to the Animate part of your Wiz, then activate audio/video.


2- When the video window opens, do not activate audio on Wisembly: click on the cross. Otherwise, it may cause interference.

At the same time, check that your microphone is activated on the Zoom solution. 


You are now ready to animate your Wisembly platform with the Zoom integration.

Explanation of the test mode here.

Add speakers 

Finally, you can add people as speakers. 

To do so, go to the Zoom solution and click on participants > spectators and choose the person you want to put as "speaker". Then click on more > promote as a panelist.