How does Live event work?

Wisembly has a built-in webinar provider: Live event. You can use it for your Hybrid or remote meeting. This tool allows you to have up to 9 speakers and 1000 participants.  

The speakers will share videoconference (with the ability to broadcast documents via screen sharing), while participants will see the live broadcast of this exchange via livestream directly integrated with their Wisembly access.




1) Configure

To set it up, get in Configure section: 

  1. Remote meeting
  2. In Live event section, click on Setup

Note that a Hybrid event button is above the video service selection. If you push this button, participants will be able to indicate whether they are face-to-face or remote. Their choice will determine whether or not they will see the audio/video stream.



On the next page, you will only have to click on Activate.
Please note that you may require consent from speakers to be broadcast and recorded before they enter the stage. 

2) Invite the speakers

Before starting your live, you must invite the speakers. To do this, go to configure mode in settings section :
  1. Participants 
  2. Invite my participants

Note that speakers will only be able to speak and be on camera. They will be unable to administer the Wiz (for more informations about the roles, check this article).



A pop-up with many options will appear on your screen:
  1. Enter the Emails adresses of the participants in order to invite them to the event
  2. Choose if you want to Notify the participants by email
  3. Write a Message to the participants to explain why you invite them
  4. Click on Invite


You will have all this options on the following page: 
  1. Invite new users
  2. Resend invitations for all pending users
  3. Export participant list in Excel format
  4. Copy the link of your wiz to share it to the participants
  5. Send an Email digest
  6. Add personnal digest message 
  7. Change the role of the participants

To modify the participant's role and change it to speaker status, you just have to change the role from participant to speaker (7)


Once the modification has been made, a pop-up will appear asking you if you wish to notify the user by email of the modification. Choose and click OK.
Warning: You must turn on the notification if you want to notify the participants by email that they are invited to the event. 
For more informations about the different roles you can check this article. 
3) Run

Get it Run section > Streams

You will be able to: 

  1. Let enter the speakers 
  2. Broadcast to participants
  3. Record for replay


A Pop-up will appear on your screen. You will have the following possibilities:

  1. Follow as viewer 
  2. Speak or moderate

If you choose Follow as viewer option, a window with the live event will appear. However, you will not be able to speak during the event. 


If you have to speak or moderate the broadcast, you must choose Speak or moderate option. Your camera will be activate. You will be able to:

  1. Mute or activate the audio and the camera 
  2. Click on Enter on stage