How to use Wisembly Visio collab?

Wisembly has is own remote collaborative visio meeting system. 

Wisembly Visio collab allows you to have up to 25 participants in audio/video mode and 50 participants in audio-only mode. 

Note that a Visio collab can't exceed the duration of 8 hours.



1) Configure 

To configure, get in configure section: 

  1. Remote meeting
  2.  in Visio collab section, click on Setup

Note that a Hybrid event button is above the video service selection. If you push this button, participants will be able to indicate whether they are face-to-face or remote. Their choice will determine whether or not they will see the audio/video stream.


You can chose if the animators and the participants will be able to: 

  1. Activate or hide the camera
  2. Activate or mute your audio
  3. Share your screen with the other participants 

Don't forget to save your choice. 



Now you have to activate it. 



2) Activate

Get in Run mode: 

  1. Visio collab
  2. Visio collab > Enable
  3. You will also have the option to activate the Test mode

The test mode allows you to turn on the administrators' microphones and cameras without being visible by the participants. You will be able to do rehearsals and technical tests before your event.




The visio is now available for all participants. 

As an administrator or an animator, you will have the possibility to manage your participants' speeches:

  1. Click on the 3 vertical dots at the left bottom of the participant’s camera window
  2. You have the option to turn off the participants' microphone, exclude them from the conference or lower the volume of their microphone


3) Participant side

You will have the following possibilities : 

  1. Activate or turn off your microphone or your camera
  2. Select the display mode
  3. Adjust video quality