Speakers in Wisembly Live Event

You are a speaker for an event. You will receive an email (if the administrator have previously enabled notifications) to join the Live event. You will just have to click on Join + (name of the event) as you can see on the picture below. 



Create an account and Sign in

Create an account:

After clicking in your email, you will be redirected to the Wisembly site. If you don't have a Wisembly account, you have to create one. For this please: 

  1. Create your password
  2. Click on Register


Note that you can show your password during the creation. Capture_d_e_cran_2020-10-27_a__13_41_52.png

A second page will appear to inform you that your account has been created. You will then just have to click on Continue.



Sign in:

If you already have an account, you will have to : 

  1. Insert your password
  2. click on connection


Enter on stage

If you are connect for the first time, a pop-up will explain you that you must allow the browser to use your microphone and the camera. You will just have to click on Understood.


After clicking, a window will appear at the top left of your screen. You will then need to click Allow, in order to use your camera and microphone on the Wisembly platform.



You will be redirected to a new explanation window informing you of the technical prerequisites to have an optimal experience on Wisembly. After reading it, click on Understood!


After clicking, a new pop-up will appear. You will have several choices before going on stage:

  1. Mute the audio
  2. Hide the video
  3. Choose the microphone or camera with which you wish to communicate among those available
  4. Give your authorization to broadcast or record your image during the session (required to enter on stage, if the option has been enabled by the administrator)
  5. Once you've made your choices, click on Enter on stage


When you go on stage, your intervention as a speaker begins. 


Your intervention :

Once configured, the speaker have several options during his speech:

  1. Mute his audio 
  2. Hide the video 
  3. Leave the stage
  4. Share his screen


When you click on leave stage, your intervention ends and you will no longer appear on the screen among the speakers.

However, you will be able to go back on stage if necessary, by clicking on the same button. You will then be asked again to choose your settings. Once the settings have been chosen, your image will reappear on the screen among the other speakers. 

Note that the speaker can't turn on the Live or the recording. He will also not be able to animate the Wiz.