What is the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) ?

Why do I have to be authenticated with 2FA ?

The 2FA has been set up in Wisembly since March 2019. 

For Wisembly, security is a very important matter. We put many efforts in protecting your data and documents. However, security also depends on precautions taken by users themselves.

That is why we set up the Two Factor Authentification (2FA), which consists in sending a confidential verification number to your mobile, in order to validate the access to your account, your platforms and all your data in it.

This connexion mode is optional for participants, yet mandatory for owners of Wisembly licenses and Wiz' Administrators.


At what moment do I have to configure the 2FA ?

  • The first time you log in Wisembly with your account, since march 2019
  • Each time you connect on a new device with your Wisembly account
  • If you log out your Wisembly account on a device, Wisembly will remember you up to 30 days. After 30 days, you will have to configure the 2FA again.


For the D-Day, remember to configure the 2FA in advance on all the devices you want to use.

For example, if you want to use a computer to run a wiz, and another one for the Projection Mode, you will have to configure the 2FA on both devices.


What are the steps of the 2A ?

1) The connexion step

In the first step, you just have to log in the application by choosing one of the different options (as shown below) :



The 2FA will be asked only if you choose to connect with email.


2) The authentification step

Now, enter your phone number (mobile) :

1 - Enter your Country Prefix 

2 - Enter your Phone number

3 - Don't forget to Save.


A verification number will be sent to you by text message.

4 - Fill in the corresponding field

5 - Click on the Verify button


Your Two-Factor Authentification is done ! Your can now navigate on the application in complete safety.

Note : The 2FA is asked each time you log in a new device, or on a known device if your latest connexion dates from more than 30 days.


3) The configuration 



By clicking on Security on your Dashboard, you will have an access to a recap of your active sessions (1). (One session = One connexion on the application with your account)

It is possible to close the sessions, except the active one, by clicking directly on Close others (2). Then, the only open session will be the one in which you logged in.

In case you changed your phone number, you can edit and put another one by clicking on the Edition icon (3).


Note : You can have up to 4 open sessions. Beyond 4 open sessions, the oldest will be automatically closed.