How to access the general ranking of quizzes?

With Wisembly, it is possible to make different quizzes at the same time. You can visit this link to know more about the creation of quizzes.  

Moreover, in an other article,  we explain you the analysis of quizzes in detail.

Wisembly proposes a feature to rank participants according to their results on one or several quizzes simultaneously.

1- Access the general ranking

1- Go to your wiz > Run

2- Click on Surveys

Next,  you are landing on the page with all the quizzes and questionnaires. This tab allows you to launch and analyse the quizzes.  

On the top of the page will appear the Tab "General Ranking" only when someone answers to a Quiz. This Tab enables the administrator to view the general ranking of participants on one or several quizzes.



Finally, go to the feature See of the general ranking to access the rank of participants.

Please note: You have the possibility to select or deselect the quizzes that you want to integrate in the general ranking. For this, just have to click on change selection and to check/uncheck the quizzes.




2- Display the results on the projection interface

1- Display the results on the projection interface.                                                                                         


2- Remove the results from the projection interface



Please note: As an administrator, you can select the quizzes you want to integrate in the general ranking.

To do this, click on the toolbar in the general ranking section, then check / uncheck the quizzes that you want to take into account or not.


3-Export the general classification in Excel format

Go to the general ranking section and click on "export". You will be able to download the general classification in an Excel file in order to save it or to transmit it.



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