Manage participants and invitations

I - Manage participants: 

Participant management allows you to: 

To manage the participants: 

  1. Go to Configure > Settings > Participants
  2. Two tabs will be available at the top of your screen: "team" and "participants".


  3. In the "team" tab, you will be able to add all your collaborators, who organize the event with you: the animators, the speakers, the administrators, ...
    (To know how to give a role, you can read this article: How to assign roles to participants?)

  4. In the "participants" tab, by clicking on "add", you will have the possibility to manually add some participants by typing their email addresses and/or to import the list of all your participants via a .csv document.

  5. A .csv file template is at your disposal.



II - Manage Email Invitations: 

Enrollment Management allows an administrator to set up emails to:

  • Invite participants
  • Remind non-registered participants
  • Send connection details to registered participants to facilitate their access on the day of the event.

To manage the invitations: 

  1. Go to "email management".
  2. Some email templates are available
  3. A default text will be proposed, but you can customize it by clicking directly on it
  4. You can test your sending thanks to a test email
  5. It is also possible to determine the time of sending, thanks to the "sending options", at the top of your screen



By default, all email campaigns are disabled, if you want to use this feature, please enable them in the "email management" section.


The types of emails available and how they are sent:


1. The invitation emails 

  • The first email sent to participants informs them of the date and time of your event, and offers them to participate or not
  • If a participant answers that he/she is participating in your event, he/she will receive a confirmation of registration by email
  • If a participant answers that he does not wish to participate in the event, he will be notified directly

2. The reminders 

  • If a participant does not respond to your invitation, you can send a reminder by email
  • You can also send an email to all participants who have responded favorably, reminding them of your event 24 hours and/or 10 minutes before the event

3. The thank you email 

  • After your event, you can send a thank you email to all your participants
  • You can attach a report of your event