How does the sign-in process work?

Signing in allows :

  • A participant: to indicate their presence at an event by signing electronically 
  • An administrator: to configure the desired sign-in times and to retrieve the signatures of the participants in his Wiz in order to validate their presence

Create and set up your roster:

  1. Go to Configure > Modules > Enrollment > Create Enrollment
  2. A signature will be created directly. By clicking on the 3 small dots on the right, you will be able to change the signature mode.
  3. You can then choose to allow only manual or automatic signature. By default, both signature modes are allowed.
  4. By clicking on the created signature, you will be able to modify the name 

Your registration is now configured. This configuration can be done before your event.

Otherwise, you can also create a sign-in on the fly in Animate > Sign-in > Create a sign-in.

Note that it is possible to set up multiple signups for the same Wiz. This will be useful if you need to sign in your participants again after a break, for example.

Start your sign-in :

It is now the day of your event, it is time to launch your sign-in:

  1. Go to Animate > Enrollments
  2. Then click on the signature you want to start
  3. Your signature will then appear in the feed, so your participants can sign
  4. The participant will have to click on "Sign", and fill in his information (name, first name and company)
  5. If you have left the choice of the type of signature to your participants, they will be able to choose to sign manually with their mouse or trackpad, or choose the automatic signature

After giving your participants a little time to sign in, you can stop your sign-in



Validate, consult and export your registration

  1. Then go back to Configure > Modules > Enrollment and click on the enrollment in question
  2. This is where you can view the list of your participants who have signed in.

    Attention: If you have inserted a list of participants in your Wiz before it starts, you will be able to see which participants have signed in or not.
    If you have not added a list of participants, you will only be able to see the participants who signed in during your event.
    If you want to add participants to your event, we advise you to read this article: How do I add participants to my event?

    The signature and the absence of signature are distinguished in the "sign-in" column, by a green symbol (for participants who have signed) and a red symbol (for participants who have not signed)

  3. The last step consists, for you as an administrator, in validating the presence or absence of your participants.
    To do this, select all your lines by clicking on the small square on the left. You will then be offered two grouped actions: validate all the lines, or export the participants.
    Then click on "validate".
  4. By validating the registration, your participants will be identified as present or absent in the "validation" column
  5. Then click on "validate registration".
  6. You will then find a summary of the presence of your participants, then click on "validate the signatures".
  7. You will be asked for your information in order to validate the registration. Then click on "next".
  8. You can then sign (manually or automatically)
  9. Your enrolment is now validated. If you need it, you can export it
    To do so, go back to your registration and click on the small box on the left.
    You will then be able to export all the lines of your registration in PDF format